How to Download & Install Plagiarism Checker X free

What is Plagiarism Checker X?

Plagiarism Checker X is a straight forward tool for students, professors, content authors, SEO specialists, website owners to see if their work has been plagiarized. The University of Ohio, Umass Boston, Trinity College Dublin are among the company’s customers, according to the developer.

Fast scanning and comparison of texts

Tools can only examine online publications (not in print), the developer claims that this covers 10 billion conceivable pages, odds are that if someone has duplicated your work, This tools will uncover it. English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, and Portuguese are among the languages supported by Plagiarism Checker X. Tools currently supports Google and Bing searches, if any of these fails, tools switches to Yahoo.

This tools has a very basic and clean UI. You can either paste in the text you want to scan, it will return any probable matches after combing the web. From a few phrases to a paragraph or a whole page, you may be as exact as you like. You can upload documents in most common formats, for example doc, docx, rtf, PDF, & plain text.

Tools can check an unlimited number of pages, it only displays the main 15 pages of any infringing sites, which is more enough to determine whether a site is copyright infringing. Teachers can use one scan to check several assignments and see if pupils have been cheating. This Bulk Checking tool is one of the most valuable features, it eliminates the trouble of manually checking enormous volumes of data.

Easy to read reports

Tools assigns a color to each piece of material based on how similar it is to the original. These range from green for possible matches to red for really close matches. Anything that is red & has a score of 100 is a carbon copy. There are three different reports available if you require additional information: Simple, Selective, Cross Comparison. Simple lets you compare one document’s plagiarism score to that of several others, Selective lets you choose reports, Cross Comparison discovers all possible duplicate content by comparing each document to the rest of the files.

A useful tool to check for plagiarism

This tools is a quick & easy way to check whether the content you’ve written / are checking has been copied.

Plagiarism Checker X Download and Install:

Download Link:Download Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner

How can I Install Plagiarism Checker X?

Unzip your downloaded file. Follow steps bellow

1] Install the App [Run (PlagiarismCheckerX_2018.exe)]

2] Copy Content (Plagiarism Checker X.exe) from Crack Folder to Install Directory

For 32-Bit [C:\Program Files\PlagiarismCheckerX]


For 64-Bit [C:\Program Files (x86)\PlagiarismCheckerX]

3] Run App Normally from Desktop

4] Enjoy!!




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